How to Add Music to a Picture

Help your pictures come to life with music!

We’ve all got thousands of photos stuffed away in scrapbooks or stored on our phones, and whether they’re precious memories, or day-to-day documentation (why did I take 12 pictures of my ice-cream in 2014?) put them to use in a shareable slideshow.

Magisto not only helps you easily compile your best photos, but provides soundtracks to accompany your memories as well.

Adding music to pictures enhances the visual experience and evokes emotion from those you share your album with. Plus, it’s a great way to help bring your photos to life and tell your own story.

How to Add Music to a Picture

First, go through your phone and create an album of all the photos you’d like to upload to Magisto’s slideshow video maker. Or, scan your images and upload them to your computer or other electronic device. 

Once your photos have been added to your preferred slideshow style, it’s time to add a soundtrack.

Here’s how to add music to your pictures using Magisto’s editor: 

  1. To start your search, browse through Magisto’s “Recommended” music.
  2. Have a mood or genre in mind? Switch over to the “All Music” tab and search through Magisto’s expansive collection. Filter your search by either: Genre, Mood, or Categories.
  3. To preview a soundtrack, hover your cursor over the soundtrack’s thumbnail.
  4. Found a winner? Click on the soundtrack’s thumbnail to select it. A green frame will surround the thumbnail indicating the soundtrack you’ve chosen.
  5. Want to upload your own music? Select “Upload your music” in the top right-hand corner and choose from your own library.
  6. Once you’ve selected your perfect soundtrack, click “done” and sit back while Magisto works its AI magic. 

Magisto will automatically configure the right pacing to sync your photos seamlessly to your desired music.

How to Add Sound to a Picture for Your Story

Tell your followers to up their volume, because now you can add music to your social media story.

Once you create a Magisto slideshow, select “portrait size” in the ratio tab to upload to your favorite social media story channel. Magisto will prompt you in the final step to “add music.” Filter your search and select the best soundtrack that matches the vibe of your story. 

Choosing the Right Music for Photos

Magisto has thousands of soundtracks to choose from. You could spend the day previewing each one (it’s work-related, right?), OR, you could filter your options.

  1. Filter by genre: From classical to funk, hip-hop to jazz, and indie to pop, Magisto has 10+ genres of music to suit your style of photos.
  2. Filter by mood: Sometimes we don’t know what we want exactly, we just know the mood we want to convey. Magisto gets it. That’s why you can choose the mood you want to accompany the style of your photos, whether it’s calm or dramatic, inspirational or nostalgic, we’ve got just the soundtrack to match your needs.
  3. Filter by category: Do you have a theme around the photos you’re sharing? Magisto has categories, including: sports, travel, holidays, fashion and more to narrow down your search. 

Ready to begin? Click here to create your slideshow video maker and have fun adding music to your photos.