Retirement Video Ideas for a Memorable Send-Off

Retiring is a huge moment in one’s life. It’s kind of like a graduation, only instead of having to continue on to another school or embark on a new career, they get to sit back, take some much needed time for themselves, and think about what their next adventure in life will be — whatever it is, they deserve it!

If you’re throwing a retirement party, make it as memorable as your retiree’s career with a video that salute’s their legacy and wishes them well into their next chapter of life. 

Magisto has a collection of retirement video ideas and retirement slideshow ideas for those throwing a retirement party or for a retiree who wants to create their own farewell compilation. 

Retirement Video Ideas

You’re invited!

Throwing a retirement party? Invite the office along with the family and friends of the retiree using a customizable video invitation. Upload photos, add in the party details, and send-out with ease using an email link. Now all you have to do is figure out what cake to buy (funfetti, obviously).

Sage Advice

Honor the expertise and knowledge of your retiree with a video of all the advice they’ve doled out over the years. Interview coworkers or colleagues who have worked closely with the retiree, and ask them ‘what the best advice they’ve ever gotten’ was from the retiree. Then, compile all of the answers into Magisto’s video maker.

With Magisto’s easy-to-use video templates, like this one, you can upload videos from your phone, and customize it with text, animations, music, and other fan-favorite features.

What Happens at the Retirement Party…

On the day of the retirement party, use a phone, personal device, or camcorder to capture the action of the event. Make your rounds filming the decorations, the words of kindness said by others and any other moments that take place. 

Then upload your videos to Magisto’s video maker and easily edit the footage. Choose from hundreds of templates, add your own music, and create text to memorialize the party. Once you’re done working your video magic, gift it to the retiree so they’ll have a keepsake to look back on for years to come. 

Retirement Slideshow Ideas

Major Impact

Create a slideshow of all of the accomplishments the retiree has earned during their career. From years at the company and statistics of growth to impacts made and lives changed, showcase all the star qualities that made your retiree one-of-a-kind. 

Things We’ll Miss Most 

Losing someone that was a staple in your business or paramount in your career makes you think about their everyday presence in your life. Make a slideshow of “things we’ll miss most about [name].” 

Ask other people in the company to submit their answers and put them together in a heartfelt slideshow video. You’ll be able to customize the slideshow using Magisto’s new features, so the video will be unique to the retiree and their legacy.

Retirement Bucket List

A hard-working employee will surely find lots of ways to fill their time now that they’re no longer grinding it out during a 40+ hour workweek. But now, they’ll have more leisure time to discover new and exciting things. Create a slideshow of recommendations from coworkers, friends, and family of things they should “check out next.”

Whether it’s a book series, a favorite movie, a great album, places you’ve traveled, or things you’ve heard about but haven’t had the opportunity to try, compile them into a “retirement bucket list” and gift it to your retiree. 

Include your name and email on the recommendation you created, so if the retiree tried it out, they can follow up later on with their review. 

You Run the Show

Are you the one retiring? Congrats! (cue confetti). As you transition into the next phase of your life, pay tribute to your company, co-workers, or your career journey with your own retirement video. Play it at your retirement party, or send it out virtually with a video link in your farewell email. 

Need help coming up with content? We’ve got a few ideas: 

Reminiscing on the Good Ole’ Days

Whether you’ve worked at a company for 10, 20, or 40+ years, chances are a lot has taken place over the years. Create a video talking about some of your fondest memories, the highlights that defined your career, or the people that made coming to work every day a little more enjoyable, or eventful. (Sarah, your doughnut Fridays always got me through the week. Jim, I’m still waiting on those reports you promised me two years ago).

Where Am I Now? 

Want to stay in touch after you retire? Follow-up a month or so after you’ve left your company with a “Where am I now?” video. Document the dream vacation you finally took or create a slideshow of the moments you’ve been enjoying.

Magisto has tons of ready-to-use templates that make it easy to insert images, add text, and upload music. Best of all, Magisto’s videos are easy to share, so you can post on social media, or send a link through email. 

Create a Funny Training Video

You’re leaving some big shoes to fill at your company. And someone has to fill them once you’re gone. If someone new is transitioning into your role, leave them a training video with tips and tricks for not only performing the job at your level but survival tactics and insider knowledge of how to succeed in your role. 

Feeling inspired? 

Create your retirement video in a matter of minutes with the Magisto video slideshow maker

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