Your Guide to Spooky Season: Ideas + Inspiration

It’s officially spooky season friends! Looking to eat, drink, and be scary? Our team has put together a hauntingly great guide that includes everything from freaky Halloween footage and hexes (ahem – color codes, not actual spells) to creepy customizable templates and stickers.

By the time you’ve finished this guide you will be on your way to creating frighteningly fun content in no time.

In this article we will cover:

  1. Quarantine Halloween
  2. Halloween Color Inspo
  3. Spooky Dates You Need to Know
  4. Spooky Footage
  5. Halloween Templates
  6. Halloween Stickers
  7. Spooky Soundtracks
  8. Halloween Hashtags
  9. Start Creating

It’s going to be a great Halloween – we can feel it in our bones 💀

Quarantine Halloween

We may not be able to trick or treat per say, but we can make the most of Halloween this year by documenting our home made costumes, and backyard shenanigans. Let us see your haunted hideaway, your DIY decor, your bloody cupcakes, black flame candles and more.

Halloween Color Inspo

DYK: You can swap your color preset out anytime you’d like? We love doing this to celebrate the changing of the seasons, and to welcome quirky holidays like Halloween.

To change your videos colors follow these steps:

  1. Hit ‘preset’ on the left toolbar
  2. Select ‘edit colors’
  3. Make it yours!

Insert any hex code you’d like by clicking on the color picker, or select a color from our swatches. We highly recommend inserting the hexes listed above for a classic Halloween vibe.

Spooky Season Dates You Need to Know

Sure, there is the big day we all know as love – Halloween, but DYK there are other fun occasions leading up to it? Create a video series to highlight each of these spooky holidays or idea alert!

Create a countdown to Halloween with 30, 15, 13 days of Halloween. Each day celebrate a different craft, cooking challenge or costume idea.

Spooky Footage

Looking to scare the pants off of your family and friends? Search our stock library chocked full of epic Halloween footage. Everything from: scary, to spooky, to hokey, and horrifying. With 25 million in stock footage – there is no telling where you story will take you.

Halloween Templates

Our collection includes 20+ templates ranging from Halloween DIY, decor, and more. Customize our ready-made video creatives and make them your own by uploading your own colors, fonts, footage and more. Click the button below each template and start creating from there.

Black and White Message

Customize this template by adding your own text to make this spooky message read whatever you need it to.


Zoom Halloween Invite

Can’t meet in person this year? Customize this template and make it your own by adding in your zoom party deets.

Halloween Spirits

Spirits, cocktails – get it? Use this cheeky template for an invite that is worthy of applause.

What’s Up Witches?

Eat, drink, and be scary with this quirky Halloween template. Customize the colors, fonts, and more to make it your own.

Halloween Stickers

Add some personality to your video and get in the spirit with our Halloween sticker pack! Once you’ve uploaded your footage, find these stickers by:

  1. Clicking on the scene you’d like to add a sticker to
  2. Click the + button on the left toolbar
  3. Click sticker
  4. Click ‘Seasonal and Events’
  5. Scroll down and select a sticker of your choice

Add up to 10 stickers per scene – go WILD!

Spooky Soundtracks

Nothing says fright night like a slasher soundtrack. Choose from eerily creepy to zany with our collection of spooky soundtracks to celebrate the season.

Once you’ve uploaded your footage head to:

  1. Music, select “All Music”
  2. Select mood on the left toolbar
  3. Scroll down and select spooky

Our collection of spooky soundtracks can then be filtered by genre, and category: fast, slow, quirky, and so on. The best part? Our music team hand selects these tracks, and our A.I. perfectly matches the pacing of your video, no editing experience needed!

Halloween Hashtags

Now that you’ve created your video, let’s make sure that it gets the eyeballs it deserves 👀


#halloween #halloween2020 #halloweenparty #halloweenvibes #spookyseason #everydayishalloween #horror #spooky #october #halloweencostume #halloweenmakeup #scary #pumpkin #trickortreat #happyhalloween #creepy  #halloweendecor #witch

Start Creating

Now that you are equipped with allll the Halloweenl inspo, it’s time to put that knowledge to use! Be sure to tag us in all of your spooky creations @Magistoapp, and show us what you made with #magisto.