Design Tips and Tricks for Using the New Magisto

An arsenal of design tricks up your video-making sleeve.

You don’t have to be a professional designer to make high-quality videos. With Magisto’s exclusive design features and customizable options, your videos will elevate your content and stop your followers mid-scroll.

Warning: People may want to hire you as a professional videographer. Use your new design powers responsibly. 

TL;DR: Use these simple Magisto design tips to create professional videos unique to your brand or personal style: 

  1. Add custom stickers
  2. Animate your stickers to create movement
  3. Get creative with your text
  4. Utilize seasonal stock images
  5. Customize your background
  6. Stand O U T with letter spacing
  7. Use text animations
  8. Up your social media grid with screenshots
  9. Create a drop shadow effect
  10. Coming soon

1. Content that Sticks 

We’ve got over 650 stickers to add to your videos (yeah, you read that number right). Once you’re ready to add a sticker to your scene, simply click on the “+” symbol in the top right-hand corner. Browse through our vast sticker collection or filter your search to quickly find the exact sticker you’re looking for. You can add up to 10 stickers per scene! #Stickershock

2. Pop Off the Page

You’ve just added the perfect stickers to enhance your video message (go you!). Now, it’s time to make them dance. With Magisto you can animate your sticker by selecting “Animation” in the Image Sticker panel. Next choose from “None”, “Fade”, “Stamp” and “Pop.” You can also scale and rotate your sticker under this panel as well. 

3. Text Savvy 

Your words deserve to be recognized. They shouldn’t just lie there, stagnant on the page (that’s so 2014). Instead, choose from Magisto’s customizable fonts to match the text to your video’s style. For a trending look, add additional spaces before and after your text and change the background text opacity using the color picker.

Magistip: For the best text results, add three or four spaces just before your text, choose a background color, then move the text box to the corner of the screen. Then, replicate with another text box. Now you’ve got a complimentary text pairing that’ll amplify your video even more.

4. Stock Up

Looking for the perfect image to complement your video? Magisto has over 3 million videos and 25 million stock photos in our current library. That means your footage can reflect any season, special holiday, or occasion. 

You can even search for footage like: stop motion, slow motion, drone, hand-drawn animations, and more to accomplish the trending style you’re searching for. 

5. Videos that Have Your Back(ground)

Finalizing your background creates a cohesive theme for your video. You can create your own background by uploading a sticker and then moving it to the front or back of your text. Add more background stickers to create a textured, layered look.  

Magisto’s customizable features make it effortless to change the background and opacity of your video with just a few clicks. Choose from trendy themes like fall leaves, florals, bright clouds, and more.

6. Stand O U T

Magistip: Place a space between each of the letters of your text for an eye-catching look. For example: “S W I P E U P” vs. “Swipe Up” establishes a more dramatic look that demands more attention. Play around with different text styles and break free from standard practice (your audience will be sure to notice).

7. Alive and Well

Make your text come alive using Magisto’s text animations. To create special text effects, choose from our variety of “Text Stickers” by clicking on “Change” in the upper right-hand corner. 

Magistip: Once you add your text to a unique shape, you can erase your text and keep the circle (or whichever shape you choose) as a background element. Next, layer your text back over it using our special effects for a video so professional, your audience will assume you hired a videographer. 

8. Picture Perfect

Thanks to Magisto’s innovative AI, we have exclusive styles and effects, just for our users. Pause your video frame and screengrab your favorite shot so you can make your social media grid or feed uniform and aesthetically pleasing.

The video screengrab will take your content one step further with unique effects that add flavor to your grid. 

9. DIY Drop Shadow

Our Magisto developers are hard at work creating a new drop shadow feature (coming soon). In the meantime, use this DIY drop shadow effect to add depth to your text: 

  1. Create your text, then duplicate the text using the “text box” editor.
  2. Edit your duplicate text choosing a different font color for each text box.
  3. Next, layer the text boxes on top of one another, and voila– a drop shadow that’s as customizable as ever! 

Or simply click on the template above to make it your own!

10. But Wait…There’s More (to Come)

We’re continuously working hard to bring you the best and brightest when it comes to video creation. These exciting new design features are just a taste of what’s to come. In the next few months, we’ll be rolling out even more features that will take your video to new heights.

For now, be sure to tag us in all of your video creations @magistoapp or join our Magisto Makers Facebook Community to share your stories.