How to Add a Logo to Your Video

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Your logo summarizes the essence of your brand. At first glance, your viewers can get a sense of who your company is, your overall aesthetic, and it helps to establish your credibility. While some people think a logo is only for business cards, websites, and apparel, a logo can add a lot of value to your social posts — especially in video.

Why Should I Add a Logo to Video?

  1. Establish trust: Now more than ever, branding is vital to creating an experience. Millennials and Gen Z consumers want to invest in companies that they can trust, and ones that have an aesthetic they can get behind.
  2. Grab attention: You have less than three seconds to grab the attention of your viewer, so how can you ensure you have their interest? Hook them right away with an eye-catching image or statistic. Then strategically place your logo in the top corner of your video, so they can connect the video right away to your brand. Remember, your logo shouldn’t be too, overpowering. It is meant to immediately engage your audience without distracting from your overall message.
  3. Polish the look: Adding your logo or watermark to your video instantly makes your video look and feel more professional. Whether it’s a social promo video, product feature, or presentation, your logo subtly in the corner, will raise more brand awareness.

Let’s Put it All Together

Magisto makes it easy to customize your brand assets with our preset feature. To create a professional, customized version of your video page, here’s how to add a logo to your video online. 

  1. Once you’re in your video dashboard, select “Brand.” 
  2. The “Brand” is where all of your branding gold exists. From your logo, to brand colors, and your company fonts. 
  3. Your Brand will appear in a new window where you can input your Business Name, Contact Info and Tagline. You’ll first need to make sure that “add a card with contact info” is enabled. 
  4. Next, click on “Logo” to upload your logo.
    Pro tip: we recommend 64 by 64 pixels as your minimum file size. In addition, a transparent background (.PNG file) will give the best result. If you’d like to exclude your logo from a particular video, you can disable “Add logo watermark”.
  5. Finally, click save and preview your video to make sure everything is good to go! 

How to Change Your Brand:

If you use your Magisto account for multiple creations (as you should!) and you only want to add a logo on a case by case basis, here’s how to change your logo on an individual video:

  1. First, upload your footage, then select “Brand” at the bottom of the left-hand menu.
  2. Next, click “edit logo” 
  3. Use the logo that’s already uploaded in your brand, or upload a new logo. You can also adjust your brand colors and font while here, too.
  4. If you want to change your settings for your next video, simply come back to his selection and deselect “branded watermark” and “branded scene.”

Ready to increase your brand awareness? Get started with Magisto’s video maker. We can’t wait to see the content you come up with!