Ditch the Card, Say It With Video

Delivering moments via video is so much more special than shooting someone a text, or posting an image on social media. Video is more exciting to send and receive — everybody wins! And it doesn’t have to be boring or time consuming.

Magisto’s template library houses 350+ ready-made videos that are just waiting to be customized. Use these templates as-is or easily swap titles, text, colors, layouts and more.

For everything you want to say — say it with video. 

A Template for Every Occasion

Our collection currently has 13 different categories to choose from and houses everything from birthdays and thank you’s, to bridal showers and baby announcements. So whatever that occasion may be — you’ll have somewhere to start.

What exactly is a video template? More on that here.

Share Your Moments

There are times in life when you want to share something exciting whether that be you just moved into a new place, you ran your first marathon or you want to update family and friends on how that bun in the oven is coming along. There are plenty of occasions to celebrate — and we’re here to help you do just that.

Here are some shining examples of video templates that can help kick-start your creativity when it comes to sharing something special.

New Baby

New Job

New Project


Send Some Love

Sending sympathy? Say it with video. It’s much more meaningful, and really adds a personal touch. Is a thank-you in order? Say it with video! Who wouldn’t want to open up a message made with love by Y-O-U.

Check out some of our popular templates below and click on the link for each to customize directly.

Missing You

Get Well Soon

Thank you

Get Started

Now that you’re in-the-know about all of our occasion templates, we hope that next time you share that big promotion, or want to send someone some love you’ll remember that there is an easy, fast, and most of all, fun way to make that happen.

We can’t wait to see how you make these templates Y O U R S ✨

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