15 Thanksgiving Video Ideas

We’re sure you have your hands full this Thanksgiving. Whether you’re the one hosting dinner, or have the arduous task of buying bigger pants for after your multiple helpings, Magisto makes it easy to create videos with our beautiful Thanksgiving themed templates #grateful. 

In this post you will find:

  1. Thanksgiving Video Ideas
  2. Quarantine Thanksgiving Video Ideas
  3. Thanksgiving Video Templates
  4. Getting Started

Looking for more even more holiday ideas? Be sure to check out our Thanksgiving Content Guide.

Thanksgiving Video Ideas

Enjoy your turkey day to the max (and extra helpings!) with some Magisto video content ideas: 

Thanksgiving parade #yourway: Recreate the famous Thanksgiving day parade with your family marching down your neighborhood street. Bonus points if you dress your pet up like a turkey. 

Hut, hut, hike!: For many Americans, Thanksgiving day means a full day of football. Make a video of your fam watching your favorite team, or of your own pick-up football game in your backyard.

Showing gratitude: Food and football aside, the heart of Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks. Make a video or slideshow of family/friend photos and what you’re most grateful for. Then, share it on social and tag those you mention. 

Three-legged turkey race: Looking for an activity before your food coma? Do a three-legged race in your backyard. Poll your family ahead of time to get their prediction of which pair they think will win the race. Whoever comes in last has to do the all the Thanksgiving dishes 🙃

Time for the main event: It’s finally the moment you’ve been waiting for. Dinner. Whether you’re the one cooking all day, or you’re honoring the hard-working chefs who did, document the fabulous dinner you’re about to devour (film it before it’s gone!)

Wishbone showdown: You’ve carved the turkey, and now it’s time for the most coveted part — the wishbone. Choose two people to grab either end of the bone, and pull. Whoever has the biggest half wins, and gets all the leftovers.

Share your thanksgiving leftover meal: After that post thanksgiving binge, share the creative ways you’re reusing those Thanksgiving favs.

Quarantine Thanksgiving

Not being able to spend Thanksgiving with those we normally do this year is certainly hard. But through video, there are lots of ways to keep the connection strong. 

#Thankful: Make a video telling your family or friends why you’re grateful for them and send it to them on Thanksgiving day. 

From our table to yours: On Thanksgiving day, make a video of those around your table, then send it to family members who couldn’t be there, but are in spirit.

Post-thanksgiving ideas: The day after Thanksgiving, as we settle into our food commas and post-up for a day of ultimate relaxation, share the way you veg out, whether it’s a movie marathon, or online shopping #BlackFriday.  

Thanksgiving Templates

Capture the spirit of the day, and turn it into a video in minutes by customizing our festive Thanksgiving themed video templates.

Good Food, Good Mood

This video template will get your tummy rumbling and your mouth watering. During Thanksgiving, the food is the main event. Highlight your favorite dishes, the work that went into them, and the people around your table that make it all worth it. 

Share your family recipe: Every family has a favorite Thanksgiving dish. Whether it’s your great-grandma’s pasta, or your grandpa’s famous pumpkin pie, share a behind-the-scenes making of your best family recipes. 

Pumpkin Pie

Our customizable templates are as ready-made as your grandma’s pumpkin pie when you show up to Thanksgiving dinner. So in honor of our favorite Thanksgiving cooks, we put in the hard work for you (just like grandma) and created this fun, light, bubbly Thanksgiving video template.

Virtual Thanksgiving

While many families will be eating at separate dinner tables this year, hundreds of miles apart, you can still all come together — in a different kind of way. Invite your loved ones who can’t join you at the table this year with a virtual invitation to your Thanksgiving dinner. 

Start Creating

It’s been a heck of a year, now’s the time to come together and share moments with those who mean the most. You’ve got all the Thanksgiving video inspiration you need, now it’s your time to shine. We can’t wait to see what you create! Be sure to tag us at @Magistoapp to show us what you made with #magisto.