April 2020 Calendar

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29 SUN

Mom and Pop Biz Owners Day

Celebrate other biz owners and say thank you to the customers who made you who you are today.

30 MON

Walk in the Park Day

Create a round-up of the best parks in your area to share with your followers (and don’t forget to tag them!)

31 TUE

World Backup Day

#TipTuesday – share a friendly reminder to back up your devices. No one wants to lose those precious memories!

01 WED

April Fools Day

Record your best pranks, and make a reaction video to share on social. Don’t forget to tag your friends!

02 THU

National Burrito Day

Who doesn’t love a good burrito? Share your favorite recipe with our Food editing style.

03 FRI

Poetry Month

Create a video of your favorite poems or pay homage to the poets that have inspired you.

04 SAT

Stress Awareness Month

April marks the start of Stress Awareness Month. Share your best stress relief tips for those in need with a #selfcare video series.

05 SUN

Selfless Sunday

Recap a day where you volunteered with a video to spread the word about oppurtinites in your area.

06 MON


Create a pick-me-up video for your followers by adding your own inspirational quotes to our template here.

07 TUE

World Health Day

Create a video to draw attention to a cause or project that you are passionate about.

08 WED

Passover Begins

Passover celebrates freedom and a fresh start. Take time to send your followers, family and friends some love with a personal video.

09 THU

Lawn and Garden Month

#Plantfriends are all the rage. Show off your collection or tips for caring for them on social with a video!

10 FRI

Siblings Day

A day to pay homage to the friends that were chosen for you. Create a highlight video of your favorite memories together.

11 SAT

National Pet Day

Whether you’re cuddling up next to your cat, corgi, or parrot it’s time to celebrate all the reasons why you love them – with a video!

12 SUN


Celebrate the joyous occasion with family and friends, and record the special moments with our Spring editing style.

13 MON

Scrabble Day

Create a fun stop-motion video using scrabble tiles, words or quotes to celebrate the day.

14 TUE

International Moment of Laughter Day

Create a video to share your favorite jokes with the world, and spread a little laughter today.

15 WED

World Art Day

Celebrate art, creativity, and everything that goes along with it, with our Brushstroke editing style.

16 THU

High Five Day

Give high-fives where they are due. Create a video to highlight a co-worker or friend for crushing their goals, or for just being a good human.

17 FRI


Are you blaring your desk jams to get hyped for the weekend? Share your playlist with your followers.

18 SAT

Kick-off to National Park Week

Today marks the start of #NationalParkWeek! Create a bucket list video or share your favorite parks within driving distance to create some buzz on social.

19 SUN


Create a video now with our custom-made selfie style that is perfect for the occasion!

20 MON

National Grilled Cheese Month

Give us all that ooey-goey goodness! Share you favorite recipes throughout the month with our Food editing style.

21 TUE


Highlight your customers and share in their words, why they love your product with our Testimonial editing style.

22 WED

Earth Day

Use this day to spread the word about imporant events happening in your community through the power of video.

23 THU

National Picnic Day

Prepare your favorite picnic foods to share with friends. Don’t forget to snap some photos – because if you don’t have footage, did you even really eat it?

24 FRI

Arbor Day

Plant a tree today and record the experience to encourage others to get out there and do the same.

25 SAT

Saturday Shout Out

Give a shout-out to a business, a friend, or a product that has you feeling inspired latley. They will appreciate the love and will usually share some back!

26 SUN

Shameless Plug Sunday

Share cool things happening with your team with this festive template.

27 MON

National Tell a Story Day

Everyone has a story, and today is the perfect day to share it! Create a video to celebrate the joys that make life worth living.

28 TUE

Superhero Day

Do you have a superhero in your life? Gather all the photos you can and let us make a video for you with our Comics editing style, designed exactly for this occasion.

29 WED

International Dance Day

Create a video to pay homage to the performing arts orgainzations in your city to let them know they’re appreciated.

30 THU

International Jazz Day

Have a favorite Jazz singer or playlist that you’ve been feelin? Create a video of your favorite sounds to share with followers.

01 FRI

02 SAT