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Make Your Magisto Movies Better With This Simple Tip

step1Making Movies with Magisto is super easy – just upload your videos and photos, choose a theme and background music and give your Movie a title. But there are a few things you can do to boost your Movies from average into awesome territory.

In the coming weeks we’ll be bringing you a series of blog posts offering up tips on how to create amazing content with Magisto that you’ll be proud to share. Today we’d like to talk about how variety can help you tell amazing stories!

Variety is the spice of life!

One of the best ways to ensure that your Magisto Movie really tells the story of the event, person, place or thing that you’re trying to capture, is to include a wide variety of videos and photos for us to work with.

What do we mean by variety? Well, say you want to make a Movie about a trip you took. Don’t just upload one short video from your trip – upload a selection of videos and photos from all the different places you visited and people you saw. Shoot wide shots and close ups, hit record as you stroll down the street or through crowds of people. Take photos of landscapes, people, art and buildings. This will result in a Movie that encapsulates the whole travel experience, rather than just a single, static moment.

The same goes for Movies of people, events – anything really! Try to shoot videos and photos from as many different perspectives as possible. It makes for a much more interesting and engaging Movie!

Recently I took a trip to Puerto Rico, so I thought I’d throw together a couple of examples to show you what a big difference variety makes. I made two Movies – one using a single video of a band playing in a little village called Guavate and one using a whole variety of videos and photos from around Guavate. Which do you think tells a better story?

Created with 1 video:

Created with a variety of 12 different photos and videos:

Remember – even with the free mobile version of Magisto you can upload up to 10 different clips (or 10 minutes) or up to 5 photos, and with the Premium version you can upload up to 25 clips/minutes and 20 photos. The more you give us to work with, the more interesting your final Movie will be!

We’d love to see what kind of stories you come up with! Feel free to share them with us on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments below!

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