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Tuesday Tips: Everything You Need To Know About Magisto Privacy Settings

Some of our users’ most frequently asked questions concern Magisto’s privacy settings – Who can see my movies? How do I make a movie public or private? And how does privacy play in to Surprise Me movies? We’ve put together a guide to answer all of these questions and more.


IMG_0670When you first create a movie in Magisto is it saved as a DRAFT. DRAFTS are private by default – they are not even official movies. Think of a draft as a preview of your movie. Watch it and then decide if you want to “Keep” it, “Tweak” it (if you are using our mobile app), or delete it.

When a movie is still a Draft, there is no way for anyone to discover it unless you specifically choose to copy-paste the link and share it with them.

Once you’ve watched your Draft, if you’d like to delete it you can click on the trash icon in the upper right corner. On the web, the trash icon is located just below the video player on the right.

If you’d like to change the photo/video selection, editing style, music or title, press the ‘Tweak’ button and you’ll be entered back into the creation flow where you can make changes. Note that this feature is only available on iOS and Android and not on the web.

If you like your Draft, click ‘Keep It’ to save your movie. Once you’ve selected ‘Keep It’, you’ll be prompted to add your movie to an album. This is where you’ll indicate your privacy settings.

Albums & Privacy Settings

IMG_0671When you Keep a movie you will be asked to add it to an album. This is how you choose to set your movie to public or private. To make a movie private, just add it to a private album. To make a movie public, add it to a public album.

If you aren’t sure if an album is private or public, just look for the little lock icon. Albums with the lock icon are private, those without the lock icon are public. Click here to learn more about setting up albums.

When you add a movie to a public album, the title of your album and movies will appear in search engine results. When you add a movie to a private album, it will not appear in search results. Note that you can add a movie to multiple albums. If one of the albums you add your movie to is public and all the others are private, your movie will be public.

If you add a movie to one of the albums on the Featured Albums section of our website it will be displayed publicly there to all our users.

Movies added only to private albums will only be shared with the members of those specific albums. Note, however, that private movie links can still be shared via social networks or email and anyone with the link will be able to view the movie. Once you’ve shared a movie publicly on your social networks, other users will also be able to share your link and may even add your movie to an album of their own.

What about Surprise Me movies?

The same rules apply to Surprise Me movies – the movies we create automatically for you from the photos and videos on your device. These movies are Drafts at first and will only be saved and shared if you choose to keep them and share them. As with the regular movies you create, once you choose to “Keep” a Surprise Me movie you’ll be prompted to add it to an album. Remember, you can always turn the Surprise Me feature off under settings in the app.

If you have any other questions about privacy, feel free to reach out to our support team or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

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