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Don’t forget the story: Why copy is more important than ever in an increasingly visual content driven game

You’re walking down the sidewalk in New York, LA, London, Barcelona, Paris, Tokyo or Seoul and you pass all of the most up to date marketing from Dior, Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, and Nike. The beautiful images, iconic logos and inspiring messages promoted by these brands all have one very important thing in common: they all are telling a powerful story. 

Now imagine all of those billboards looming above you without any copy, any story of what they are promoting: a pair of sneakers without the Nike logo and release date, an iPhone advertisement with just the photograph and no description about when you can buy the newest version or Dior’s freshest fragrance without a name.

The hours spent creating these campaign launches across the globe, not to mention the precious marketing budgets wasted would all be naught without the copy. If all of these brands recognize the value in thoughtful copy, why aren’t you?

Add Copy To Your Magisto For Business Videos
Add Copy To Your Magisto For Business Videos

Spending time creating the copy, hashtags, headlines, captions and an overall brand message and voice for your next Magisto for Business video is something you should start adding into your content creating routine immediately. If there is one thing that Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat has taught the advertising community it is that consumers want information, they want to know where that hotel listed on the Airbnb feed is located, with a link and description of how many rooms are available. 

When it comes to your own videos be sure to add copy within the captions that promote the message you want your customers to take away in addition to the inspirational images of your video and narrative you are conveying. Instead of winging your narrative, draft a script and practice it out loud figuring out moments that don’t seem natural to make sure your message is as positive, genuine and fluid as possible. 

Once you have created your Magisto video, we recommend working out some sentences before you natively upload your videos to you Facebook page. This is when you can utilize a website link, a link to a sale or giveaway, tag your co-workers who were involved in the project or an outside media partner, or simply announce something to your audience. All of this is considered content and copy and it is incredibly valuable. The more you think about this part of the puzzle in creating content, the more powerful your marketing and advertising videos will be.

PRO TIP: If you are worried about your grammar or spelling skills, we recommend using Grammarly, a free spell checker and grammar expert that will help highlight if you have a made a mistake and look out for you to make sure your commas are in all of the right places. Grammarly plugs into WordPress, Tumblr, Gmail, Medium and anywhere else you might be drafting copy before placing it in your Magisto for Business videos.


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