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How One Company Used Video to Conquer Facebook

Millar and Company, a Real Estate agency located in the San Francisco Bay Area, needed a way to increase engagement on their Facebook page. They work in one of the most competitive markets in the nation, which made it imperative for them to develop a cost-effective marketing solution that would promote their listings and attract new clients.

A video-first strategy

In order to do this, they took advantage of the power of video on Facebook, which uses an algorithm that elevates native video within the newsfeed. This also gave them a better way to tell their unique business story and distinguish themselves from posts that contained only text or photos.


Meeting their goals with Magisto

Using Magisto for Marketers to create their video content, Millar and Company met and, in many cases, exceeded their goals. They not only increased the number of posts on their page, but also increased engagement by giving their clients a better picture of the service they provide. Specific number include:

  • Views: Magisto videos received 220 percent more views than non-Magisto videos.
  • Likes: Magisto posts received 160 percent more likes than non-Magisto video posts and 320 percent more likes than non-video posts.
  • Shares: Magisto posts were shared 150 percent more often than non-Magisto video posts and 300 percent more than non-video posts.
  • Comments: Magisto posts got 100 percent more comments than non-Magisto video posts and 200 percent more than non-video posts.

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