January 2020

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29 SUN

30 MON

31 THU

01 WED

New Year’s Day

#HappyNewYear! We made it to 2020. Can you believe it? A fresh new year and decade to boot! Create a video to share with your followers wishing them a happy and healthy 2020.

02 THU

Celebrate Milestones

2019 marked the end of a decade. Surely you have something worth celebrating. Create a video now to share your successes, and the journey this far.

03 FRI

Got News?

New Year calls for New NEWS! Announce new sales, specials, or collections that are launching this season.

04 SAT

National Trivia Day

Who doesn’t love trivia?! Create a video using the 2 truths and a lie game with facts about your business that is sure to spark some engagment.

05 SUN

Golden Globes

The 77th annual #GoldenGlobes starts TONIGHT! Create a video using our Posh editing style to share how you’re celebrating: snacks, glitz, and glamour – we want to see it all!

06 MON

National Technology Day

It’s #NationalTechnologyDay! Jump in on the larger social convo by creating a demo or review of your favorite app.

07 TUE


Travel videos are trendy right now. Create a video and share your travel #bucketlist with all of the places you’d like to visiit in 2020.

08 WED

National Creativity Month

Create a video to share on social with all of your favorite quotes about creativity. Whenever you’re stuck in a rut – look back on this video to spark some #inspiration!

09 THU


This hashtag is poppin! Take advantage in a big way by compiling funny footage from years ago to share with your followers, family and friends.

10 FRI

New Product

Your new product deserves it’s own announcment. Whether it’s a passion project or a full blown #productlaunch – every step is worth celebrating.

11 SAT

Sneak Peek

Working on something big this year? Go behind the scenes by sharing a sneak peek with your followers to get them buzzing on social.

12 SUN

National Self-love Month #selfcaresunday

January is #NationalSelf Care Month. Create a video with your favorite #selfcaresunday routines or tips to unwind.

13 MON

National Clean off your Desk Day

We all know we should be doing this more. Take today as a reminder to back up all of your assets, convert or clean up your files so this time next year you won’t be scrambling to find what you’re looking for.

14 TUE

National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Our pets are part of our family, and today is a day to celebrate that! Share a video with your pet in their best fashion accesories on social and rake up the likes.

15 WED

National Bagel Day

Is there anything more delicous than this sphere with a schmear? Celebrate your favorite bagel spots, or create a turtorial at home to pay homage to one of the greatest foods on earth.

16 THU

Get to Know Your Customer’s Day

When it comes to brand affinity, customers become the most attached when brands show they care. Invest your time in creating a video today to get to know your customers on a deeper level.

17 FRI

Ditch Your Resolutions Day

Eh, we didn’t really see some of them working out anyway. Cut your losses, and join the conversation on social under the hashtag #ditchnewyearsresolutionsday.

18 SAT

National Thank You Month

January is #NationalThankYouMonth. Give shout-out where they are do. Send a custom video showing you care to customers, co-workers, friends or family who have supported you from the beginning.

19 SUN

National Popcorn Day

Pop it like it’s hot and join the fun on social at #NationalPopcornDay. Share fun facts, or your favorite recipe to make at home.

20 MON


Pay homage to one of the greatest leaders in our nation’s history. Share civil rights stories that you think are important, or create a video with your favorite MLK quotes.

21 TUE

National Hugging Day

Hugging, besides being one of the love languages, has many benefits. Hug the ones you’re with, and create a video today to share a virtual hug with those that are far away.

22 WED

Wisdom Wednesday

Share a tip or tutorial with your followers to increase engagement.

23 THU


Pie. It’s good cold. It’s good hot. It’s nice when it’s sweet, or even when it’s not. Share a video today to pay homage to the comfort food that unites us all.

24 FRI

National Compliment Day

The feel good holiday of the year. Today is a great day to share geuine compliments with customers or colleagues to show that you care.

25 SAT

Lunar New Year

Ah, the #YearoftheRat! This #LunarNewYear celebrate blessings, and the hopes that the year ahead will bring. Create a video to share on social now.

26 SUN

The Grammy’s

Is there anything more exciting in pop culture than The Grammy’s? Press record to recap all of your favorite food, fashion, and musical moments throughout the night.

27 MON


Learning should be built into every professionals work week. Set aside some time to subsribe to these 16 awesome blogs for entreprenuers and SMB’s.

28 TUE

National Plan for Vaca Day

There is no time like the present! Take some time today to map out a vision for your dream vaca. Create a video to announce to family and friends that you are finally taking the plunge.

29 WED

New Year, New Website

Most people are revisiting their websites, and making sure everything is in line for the new year. You’ve put in the work – why not show it off? Create a video to let your followers know you’ve made some upgrades.

30 THU

Community Manager Appreciation Day

It takes a special person to be a community manager. Show the person in your company that is often giving love, the love and high five they deserve on this day that is dedicated especially to them.

31 FRI

National Hot Chocolate Day

It’s #NationalHotChocolateday! Treat yo’ self to some decadent deliciousness. Share a vision of your gram-worthy goodness by creating a video to share on social.

01 SAT