July 2020 Calendar

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28 SUN

29 MON

30 TUE

01 WED

Canada Day

Maple syrup, poutine, hockey — there are plenty of things to thank Canada for, today is the day!

02 THU

Road Trip Month

Thanks to corona, folks are trading in hotels for RV’s and hitting the road. Document your latest adventure with a video.

03 FRI


Create a nostalgic video featuring your families festive July 4th celebrations over the years.

04 SAT

Independence Day

Capture all the red, white, and blue, and share your summer celebration on social.

05 SUN

Ice Cream Month

Pay homage to everyone’s favorite sweet treat with a video series that you release once a week to celebrate summer!

06 MON

Fried Chicken Day

Who doesn’t love fried chicken?! Share your favorite family recipe with a video your followers with love.

07 TUE

World Chocolate Day

Share what you’re cooking up in your #quarantinekitchen to celebrate this decadent day.

08 WED

Video Game Day

Screen record your game play to share tips and tricks with your audience.

09 THU

Parks and Rec Month

Parks are starting to re-open and it’s one of the few ways to get outside safely. Share your favorite parks with a listacle style video.

10 FRI


Are you blaring your desk jams to get hyped for the weekend? Share your playlist with your followers.

11 SAT

Cheer Up the Lonely Day

We may not be able to be together, but if we’ve learned anything it’s the power of video. Check in on those who are quarantining solo today to spread some cheer.

12 SUN

Sunday Funday

We’re all stuck at home, why not share what you’re doing to keep things fun for the fam?

13 MON

World French Fry Day

Comfort food at it’s finest! Share your favorite french fry recipes with your followers today and watch the likes soar.

14 TUE

Bastille Day

A toast to france! Celebrate with champagne, cheese, and all of the accoutrements.

15 WED

Wisdom Wednesday

No matter what industry you’re in there is always something new to learn. Share your tips with a video.

16 THU


Give a video shout-out to the local businesses that are keeping you sane during this crazy time.

17 FRI

World Emoji Day

Only the internet’s favorite day of the year! 🎉

18 SAT

Mandela Day

Honor Nelson Mandela’s legacy by creating a video of quotes to inspire others.

19 SUN

National Ice Cream Day

Stuck in quarantine? Try something new! Show off your ice cream makin’ skills and create a video from home.

20 MON

Moon Day

Celebrating putting man on the moon with a video that is out of this world.

21 TUE

Junk Food Day

Share your guilty pleasures with a video tutorial of your favorite DIY treats!

22 WED

Hot Dog Day

America’s favorite food! Create a listacle video to celebrate the best hot dog joints in your city.

23 THU


Time for a blast from the past! Compile some nostalgia to share on social and hashtag #TBT.

24 FRI

Cousin’s Day

Nothing says I love you, like a social media post. Give a big video shout-out to the cousins in your life today.

25 SAT

Wine + Cheese Day

Have you heard of a better duo?! We’ll wait…Share your favorite wine + cheese pairings with a video to mark the occasion.

26 SUN

National Aunt + Uncle Day

Show your aunts + uncles how much they mean to you with a personal video message.

27 MON


Create a pick-me-up video for your followers sharing your favorite motivational quotes.

28 TUE


Day dreaming about traveling again? We feel you! Create a video of your last great adventure with footage you already have!

29 WED

Chicken Wing Day

Grilled, smoked, fried or smothered – they’re all delicious! Share your favorite spots to grab wings in your city.

30 THU

Internantional Day of Friendship

Compile your favorite footage and let us make you a heartwarming video filled with alllll the best bud vibes.

31 FRI

Avocado Day

Avocados are making quite the rukus. Appearing in everything from smoothies, bowls, to the classic avo toast – let’s give props where props are due.

01 SAT