June 2020 Calendar

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31 SUN

01 MON

Parents Day

Everyone has a story, and today is the perfect day to share it! Create a video to celebrate the joys that make life worth living.

02 TUE


Time for a blast from the past! Compile some nostalgia to share on social and hashtag #TBT.

03 WED

Global Running Day

Time to get up and get moving – whether it’s running, or taking your pup for a stroll. Share how you’re staying active on social.

04 THU

National Cheese Day

Possibly the greatest holiday on earth. Share how you’re celebrating cheesy goodness in all of its glory with a video.

05 FRI

World Enviorment Day

Share your favorite cause, or environmental tips you love to honor #motherearth today and every day.

06 SAT

Pride Month

The parade might be cancelled, but the show must go on. Share how you’re celebrating pride with a series of social videos throughout the month.

07 SUN

Cancer Survior Day

Shout-out surviors and drive awarness to this special day on your channels.

08 MON

Best Friends Day

Friends mean more now than ever! Send your bestie a personalized video to let them know you’re thinking about them.

09 TUE


Create a video series of fun summer tips to share with your followers this month to increase engagment.

10 WED

Men’s Health Week

Kick off the week by sharing a video of your favorite fitness tips, or draw attention to a cause that is important to you.

11 THU

Make Life Beautiful Day

We may still be quarantined, but there are still plenty of ways to make the most of this thing we call life. Share your favs.

12 FRI

Loving Day

Celebrate diversity in families, and the right to love who we love.

13 SAT

National Rosé Day

Hip-hip ROSE! Share your favorite #froze recipe just in time for summer.

14 SUN

Flag Day

It’s #FlagDay! Highlight the meaning behing the stars and stripes with a fun fact video.

15 MON


Create a pick-me-up video for your followers with an inspirational quote video.

16 TUE

#SelfCare Saturday

Time to log-off, and re-charge those batteries.

17 WED

Wisdom Wednesday

Share your tips for sucess with a quick hit video.

18 THU

International Sushi Day

Shout-out your favorite local bizzes making sushi available for all.

19 FRI


Are you blaring your desk jams to get hyped for the weekend? Share your playlist with your followers.

20 SAT

First Day of Summer

We made it! Create a video to welcome sunshine, and a new season.

21 SUN

Father’s Day

Dads are pretty rad. No matter what father figure you’re celebrating, they deserve some love. Send them a video they can cherish forever.

22 MON

National Camping Month

Camping is the one thing that may make us start to feel normal again. Share your favorite campsites within driving distance to your city in a listacle style video.

23 TUE

Hydration Day

Share your favorite tips and recipes to stay healthy and hydrated during this summer heat.

24 WED

Soul Food Month

Celebrate your favorite soul food spots in your city or share a secret family recipe.

25 THU

Bourdain Day

Share your favorite Anthony Bourdain quotes with our Testimonial editing style.

26 FRI

Take Your Dog to Work Day

Create a video of all of your company pups with our pet editing style that is sure to bring a smile to your followers faces.

27 SAT

Saturday Sweat

Create a video to share how you’re staying active during quarantine.

28 SUN


Create a video now with our custom-made selfie style that is perfect for the occasion!

29 MON

National Camera Day

Share your favorite photos with a slideshow video to celebrate.

30 TUE

Social Media Day

It’s Social Media Day around the WORLD and what better way to celebrating staying connected, than with video?

01 WED

02 THU

03 FRI

04 SAT