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Make Fitness Videos Without Working up a Sweat

We get it, you’re busy trying to make the best workout techniques and programs. Fitness is your life and you don't have a lot of time to make videos.
Now, fitness video maker, allows you to make workout videos worth sharing in just a few minutes with just a few clicks.

Motivational Fitness Videos

Motivate customers to achieve their fitness goals showcasing your expertise and positive messaging.

Business Profile Videos

Build your fitness business and attract new customers with a video that showcases your studio, workouts and unique offerings.

Professional Profile Videos

Demonstrate your expertise and convince potential clients to invest in their health with a profile video of your unique approach.

How to Create a Fitness Video


Upload your fitness & tips videos and photos


Choose one of our unique fitness editing styles and soundtracks from our library


Our A.I. powered professional video maker will analyse and edit your next fitness video

Social Media Videos Made For You

Magisto’s smart video editor is hands down the easiest way to make professional fitness videos for your agency or clients.
Magisto adds custom branding, graphics, effects and captions so you can make professional looking fitness videos.
Magisto lets you make professional fitness videos for you and your clients affordably on an ongoing and unlimited basis.

Fitness Video Maker - Best Practices

  • 01

    Pay Attention to Lighting

    Think about the lighting when you pick the outfit and the location for the video. Clothes that are too dark or too bright can get lost in a fitness video that’s not shot with professional lighting. If you’re shooting outside, the best time will be the “magic hour” - closest to the sunrise or sunset as possible.

  • 02

    Be Authentic

    While sending an authentic vibe isn’t easy to do, an excellent way to go in that direction is to make videos that emphasize on people: your staff, your clients, or yourself. Sharing a person’s fitness story can make people relate to your brand and want to be part of it.

  • 03

    Identify Your Audience

    Is your video directed to beginners with no experience? Bodybuilders? Moms on pregnancy leave? Different audiences require different approaches and terminology. Try to focus on one audience in all your videos, to stay consistent and create your niche.

  • 04

    Be Yourself

    It might be the mother of all cliches, but it’s true. In such a competitive field, you need to find your personality and let it shine. Try avoiding overused topics and find new ideas or new ways to look at common issues.

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