How does Magisto Video editor work?

Our mind-blowing automatic video editing skills

may seem like magic

...but there's actually a lot going on behind the scenes to ensure that every user gets the best possible result when uploading video and pictures to our platform. These are some of the technical elements that go into creating a Magisto Video.

Emotion Sense Technology

Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for our users to create personal Videos that not only tell stories, but elicit an emotional response as well. We help users accomplish this feat in just a matter of clicks with our patent-pending artificial intelligence technology, Emotion Sense.

Emotion Sense Technology allows users to collaborate with artificial intelligence to ensure that their Video elicits the right sort of emotional response - users provide us with footage and supply emotional direction through choice of music and video style and we bring their footage to life in a Video that not only compiles the best moments of uploaded footage, but also captures a mood.

Analysis of your footage

When you upload videos and pictures to Magisto, our artificial intelligence engines get to work analyzing your footage. Our algorithms take a virtual look at all of the video and photographs you upload for your video and breaks down analysis on three levels - visual analysis, audio analysis and storytelling.

Visual Analysis

On the visual side of things, we analyze everything from in-frame action to camera motion, object detection, tracking and more. These factors help us understand which parts of the uploaded footage are the most interesting, and also helps us determine whether video footage needs stabilization, color correction, or other tweaks.

Audio Analysis

Our audio analysis detects speech, classifies the different types of audio within your uploaded footage, analyzes the selected music track and determines how each of these elements will best work together to tell your story.


Then, based on what we find during our visual and audio analysis, our artificial intelligence begins to construct a script for the final cut of your Video - we understand who your main characters are, what the topic of your Video is and more and, based on this information paired with the video style selected, we use emotion guided editing techniques to edit your Video together.

This analysis differentiates us from other auto-video editing solutions. Because we delve deep into your content and "understand" the media you have uploaded, our algorithms are able to determine which are the most interesting and share-worthy moments, as well as determine the most effective way to edit these moments together to tell your story.

Editing Styles

We’ve built a collection of Editing Styles that users can select to determine the style and mood of their Video.

The Editing Style you select not only denotes the type of effects you'll get, but it also serves as a roadmap for the algorithm, telling it how to treat your footage, from the editing speed to the mood and general look and feel of your produced video.

Editing Styles are designed to give that right "emotional resonance" to your footage and turn it into something you'll be really proud to share. The effects, transitions, editing speed and more all contribute to the emotional mood of your Video - whether it’s the fun, goofy tone of our Roaring Twenties style, the nostalgic appeal of our Sentimental style, the party atmosphere of our Party Beat style, or the romantic air of our Love style. We're constantly working to update our service with new and exciting Editing Styles.


Music plays a big role in what we do. When you select a song to play in your Video, we're sure to apply the mood and tempo of that particular song to your edit.

You'll notice that, when you select song from our music library or upload one of your own, the edited video will be properly synchronized to the music, both in terms of cuts, time-warping effects and more, and that the speed and style of the editing will fit that particular song to a T.

Post Production

Once we've figured out which sections of your footage are the most engaging and interesting, it's time to bring your story to life!

Magisto doesn't simply plop your video clips and photos down in a timeline and call it a day. We incorporate professional effects and transitions that help tell your story in a unique and eye-catching way—zooming in on important actions, panning to give movement to static shots, lowering the volume of the music when someone is talking, and more. We also incorporate color-correction, image stabilization and other image enhancement technologies to ensure that your pictures and video footage look as good as possible.

All of our editing decisions, from cuts to transitions and effects, are based on the information gleaned by our artificial intelligence algorithms or Emotion Sense Technology. When you use Magisto, the results aren’t random—we know the way we tell your story is important to you, and our goal is to infuse your Videos with the messages and emotions you want to convey.