Make Breathtaking
Wedding Slideshows

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Make unforgettable wedding videos set to great music

Convert your engagement or wedding images and videos into an unforgettable movie using Magisto wedding video maker.
Celebrate your precious moments with a timeless video.

Romantic Wedding Wishes

Send the lucky couple a heartfelt marriage blessing. Let them know you care about them in the most important day of their lives.

Bachelorette Party Invitation

Say goodbye to single life with your best friends. Keep it simple or keep it wild, you only live once, and bad girls go everywhere.

Thank You For Coming

Send all friends and family who came to your wedding highlights and thank them for coming in a special slideshow.

How to create a wedding video


Upload your wedding videos and photos


Choose a wedding video editing style and soundtrack from our library


Our A.I. powered professional video maker will analyse and edit your wedding video

Wedding Videos Made For You

Magisto’s smart video editor is hands down the easiest way to make professional looking wedding videos for you and your loved ones.
Magisto adds to your wedding videos awesome graphics, and cute effects so you can make moving videos for your wedding.
Magisto creates timeless videos for your celebration that you can watch years later.
Business Features
  • Add your logo and captions
  • Edit and reorder scenes
  • Unique business styles
  • Commercially licensed music
  • Create longer movies
  • HD movie downloads

"Welcome new customers in a special fashion with a video that shows you’re there for them from the beginning. Make every new customer count."

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