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Video is the ultimate marketing tool.

Video is the ultimate marketing tool. Online videos make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic.
Magisto's marketing video maker allows your brand to use video to the maximum by creating game-changing videos that will take it to the next level.

Content Marketing Videos

Create powerful video stories about your product and your industry, thought leadership, tutorials, “how to’s” to engage clients and attract new customers.

Performance Marketing & Advertising Videos

Create compelling video creatives with multiple variations by audience and platform to optimize performance.

Brand Awareness Videos

Delight your audience with videos that convey your brand through customized content, colors, messaging, music, style and mood.

How to create marketing videos


Upload your marketing videos and photos


Choose one of our unique marketing editing styles and soundtracks from our library


Our A.I. powered professional video maker will analyse and edit your next marketing video

Marketing Videos Made For You

Magisto’s smart video editor is hands down the easiest way to make professional marketing videos for your agency or clients.
Magisto adds custom branding, graphics, effects and captions so you can make professional looking marketing videos.
Magisto lets you make professional marketing videos for you and your clients affordably on an ongoing and unlimited basis.

Online Video Marketing - Best Practices

  • 01

    Be SEO Friendly

    To reach new audiences, know the SEO game and optimize your appearance on search engines. A great way to do it is to make your video embeddable - which is very easy to do on Magisto. Another factor is your video description - use the right words, and don’t forget to add tags.

  • 02

    Define Your Video Types

    What type of videos should you make? The options are endless: demo or product videos, educational and how-to videos, customer testimonials, brand videos, and more. The kind of video should serve your brand’s needs and your audience.

  • 03

    Keep It Short and Silent

    The fact is your videos should be super-short and to make sense without audio. Add titles to your video to get the message across with no sound, and make sure you cut to the chase right in the beginning.

  • 04

    Don’t Try to Sell

    Ditch the sales pitch and focus on your customers. Talk about their real problems and how you can help them, in a way that feels like a relatable story. Remember, the customer doesn’t care about your brand or your product; he only cares about the value he’ll get from it.

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“Magisto has enabled my business to streamline our marketing material, in such a convenient refreshing way. Always being able to adapt quickly with new video editing material in high quality. Quick, simple, and streamlined!”

Adam Walker - Kulana Travel Ltd
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