Photo Video Maker

Magisto's photo video maker will turn your photographs
into remarkable videos in a matter of minutes.

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Create Stunning Photo Videos in No Time

Turn your photos to tell stories in no time. Magisto's photo video maker helps you
turn your photographs into a professional video with music and transactions.

Create Professional Photography Videos

Learn how to make a video profile with Magisto, transform your portfolio into a video story or create videos from a client shoot.

Photographer Profile

Vividly illustrate your portfolio with the power of a video story that will inspire and attract new clients.

Portfolio and Client Videos

Transform images from your portfolio or a client shoot into compelling, lasting content. Impress clients with a video as a bonus or re-sell to generate additional revenue.

How to Create a Photo Video


Upload your photos


Choose a ready to use video editing style and soundtrack from our library


Our A.I. powered professional video maker will analyse and edit your photo video

Professional Photography Videos Made For You

Magisto’s smart video editor is the easiest way to make professional looking photo videos for you and your clients.
Magisto adds custom branding, graphics, effects and captions so you can make professional looking instagram videos for your brand.
Magisto lets you create timeless professional photo videos for you or your client needs affordably and on an ongoing and unlimited basis.

Photo Video Maker - Best Practices

  • 01

    Have a Theme

    Avoid mixing different, unrelated content and build your videos around a theme - weddings, landscape, portfolios, or even a specific photography style. Slideshows around one idea are usually more engaging since they can answer a viewer's precise search.

  • 02

    Have a Clear Beginning, Middle and End

    Order your clip in a way that makes sense. It most definitely doesn’t have to be chronological - but it should not be random. Magisto gives you all the options to reorder, trim, and control everything, but you can also trust our AI to do the work for you.

  • 03

    Color it Up

    Use titles, transitions, and effects to make your photo video stand out from the crowd. Magisto’s got hundreds of editing styles from you to choose from, plus you can also make your tweaks with our storyboard editor.

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“Magisto has enabled my business to streamline our marketing material, in such a convenient refreshing way. Always being able to adapt quickly with new video editing material in high quality. Quick, simple, and streamlined!”

Adam Walker - Kulana Travel Ltd
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