Magisto A.I. powered video editor
delivers business results

Brand awareness

Grow awareness with cross-channel brand videos

In order to effectively grow brand awareness with video marketing, businesses need a cross-channel brand video strategy. Magisto video A.I. powered video editing makes it easy to optimize brand videos by audience and channel. Reach more customers with frequently-refreshed and authentic video content.

Be yourself. Include a face in your brand videos. Remember, in today’s cluttered world authentic engagement is everything.
See how The Casino Ballroom, a 2,500 seat concert venue, used a brand video marketing strategy to generate reach and engagement using branded video storytelling, and saw 300% increase in ticket sales using Magisto business videos to efficiently drive brand awareness across the social web.

Lead generation

Generate engagement and leads with authentic video content

Getting a prospective customer to share information is a value exchange that requires genuine trust and relationship building. Video storytelling allows you to extend a personal invitation to prospects. Share powerful video content marketing to educate potential customers by showing instead of telling them with a series of business videos. Magisto A.I. powered marketing amplifies your ability to create, test and optimize content marketing videos at scale. Get more leads with video content.

Magisto video storytelling is like bionic door-to-door sales force. Be sure to follow up lead generation with an authentic video content that’s either educational or that reinforces personal trust and relationships
See how Flok, a small business loyalty platform recently acquired by Wix, used Magisto video content solution as a way of scaling their video marketing, lead generation, and customer acquisition. Flok created series of promotional videos that felt more like video storytelling than video advertising. They were able to create 7 videos to test in 48 hours and reduce cost by 150%.


Increase revenue with sales videos

Close your sales with an emotionally convincing and persuasive video storytelling. Authentic sales videos give you a chance to illustrates the value of the product or service you are selling with unmatched emotional punch and richness. Use customized sales videos to cater to your customers specific questions wherever they are in the sales funnel. Increase closing rates and convert more business with cross channel sales videos.

Testimonial videos are a particularly powerful version of promotional videos because they show previous customers success. Hearing existing customers speak honestly on your behalf is an incredibly powerful use of video storytelling as a form of endorsement.
See how Millar and Company real estate agency used Magisto video storytelling as a form of promotional video to generate 320% more likes and 220% more views of their sales videos. They used Magisto video marketing to build trust, grow engagement and increases sales across the social web.