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Sample Real Estate Videos

Create a Real Estate Marketing Video

Transform your listing photos into vibrant video stories with a competitive advantage.

Realtor Profile Video

Demonstrate your market expertise and your personal style. Energize your listings with short movies that will motivate buyers.

Real Estate Virtual Tour

Transform listing photos into moving stories that express the unique character of your listings and close deals.

Real Estate Videos Made For You

Magisto’s smart video editor is hands down the easiest way to make professional looking movies for you and your clients
Magisto adds custom branding, graphics, effects and captions so you can make professional looking movies for your listings
Magisto lets you make professional movies for your client listings affordably on an ongoing and unlimited basis
Business Features
  • Add your logo and captions
  • Edit and reorder scenes
  • Unique business styles
  • Commercially licensed music
  • Create longer movies
  • HD movie downloads

Grow your business with
the power of video

Showcase what makes your listings unique with videos that take only minutes to make. Capture attention, motivate buyers and close deals.